Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Toyota Engines

Perhaps I might make it look neater.

3S Toyota Engines

This is an interesting read.

Monday, April 20, 2009

D4 Spark Plugs

Discovered the platinum (iridum) plugs that a D4 engine should use, specifically 3S-FSE ->


Friday, April 17, 2009

Traffic Roads & Rails

(From my own blog)
I wonder:

If GK vehicles break traffic rules with abandon, how would we expect mat guys to behave. Last time I checked only the president (and the PM now ?), fire engines and ambulances could skive traffic legally. But nearly every day, I see GK (and parastatal, anything gova related) drivers driving on the wrong side of the road (I had a few plates crammed even) - like on Processional road(?) between State House road and the Nairobi Serena, and at the Museum hill road-Chiromo roundabout where policemen insist on a single lane of traffic to the Museum road.
Perhaps we could safely say that the culture of impunity will be a thing of the past when such things don't happen. I'm afraid though that it might be  rather utopian.
Kenyan traffic(and many things as well) is more or less a manifestation of our values and regard for each other. I think I mentioned this in a separate post a while ago.  So we really shouldn't expect much improvement until our values change.
At the end of the day, the road is not mine or yours, but ours... but we all seem to be in a hurry to beat the other driver to the next junction (never mind that we might stay there for another 30 minutes stuck in jam), cutting into the other lane without as little as an indicator.
is it a sense of: I can drive faster than you, or my car is better than you.. which at the end of the day results in:

-> an adrenalin rush 
-> stress (after several narrow misses) and possibly a bad day or evening
-> a minor scratch here or
-> a major dent there
-> worse
Trying to be sober, considerate and not too accelerator-pedal-itchy is not easy - but it's probably worth trying. Today is Friday (at least not mid or end month) and I think Friday & Saturdays tend to have more accidents (especially when people have a few more coins in their pockets and purses).


There was a large advertisment in the dailies this past week about Nairobi (and environs)getting commuter rail transport. I'm eagerly waiting to see if this will be operational in the 3.5 years that they've highlighted. It would be really be useful in easing jam in Nairobi.

The Kenya Railway Corporation should have completed their website before advertising it on the ad. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spark Plugs

I've been reading and running around looking for suitable spark plugs for the D4 engine (3S-FSE)..

Apparently it's between DENSO and NGK spark plugs for this engine.

DENSO website looks to be much more helpful when nailing down plugs for a particular car and engine.

From the reviews online, NGK platinum plugs seem to be longer lasting. I think I'll be given them a try.

The shop at the Ukay Centre in westlands has them between 1200-1500 KSHS each (compared to about 205 for the standard ones). Oops.. pocket pinch.